New – Affective Assistance and marketing writing services

Cherryleaf’s announced a new service today – Affective Assistance and marketing writing services .

With technology becoming part of everyday life, sometimes the traditional approach to writing user documentation just doesn’t meet users’ needs. It can be the case that the formal and succinct approach to writing User Assistance isn’t right for users of your product or service.

It’s often about adding an emotional factor, being more conversational and less formal. It’s something we call “Affective Writing” or “Affective Assistance”. You can see this approach being used in the online User Assistance for applications such Firefox, where they reported a 13% reduction in the number support calls as a result of adopting this approach.

Consumer technology today:

Consumer technology in previous decades:

See Affective Assistance and marketing writing services .


Regulatory Writing

Interesting article! I’m definitely finding that the way companies are communicating is changing. A small correction: you have “writng”.


Very interesting. When i first read this article I was very confused. I could not understand the main point: Affective Writing or Affesctive Assistance. Then I read the complete article from the linki.

I’ve been tech writer for the past 6 years and I have to admit this is new terminology 🙂

J Hendershot

Thank you for clarifying. I should have read the post more closely.

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