How using automated AI agents can help Technical Writers save time

Here is the fifth video in our series on how generative AI can help Technical Writers save time: using automated AI agents.

Technical writers today face increasing demands to produce more content, faster than ever before.

In this short video, we look at automatic AI agents that can work together in chains to complete tasks.

You can set up a sequence of AI agents, each with a different capability, and have them pass information between themselves to accomplish goals.

The promise is that this saves technical writers massive amounts of time. Instead of having to do all the steps manually, the automated agents do them for you. And they can, in most cases, do it faster.

This will really speed up when we all have access to AI in Windows and MacOS Sonoma. Microsoft has announced the integration of AI everywhere in Windows 11, which is being released tomorrow.

We recorded this video before another AI automation tool, Open Interpreter, was released. You ask it to do something, and, on your computer, it will do it by creating and running the appropriate Python code or OS command for that task. When the desktop version and voice activation comes out, it will be basically like Chief Engineer Scott talking to the Enterprise’s computer. Open Interpreter installs Python libraries and runs code on your computer, so There Be Dragons.

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