Nine reasons why successful companies have strong policies and procedures

Well-documented policies and standardised procedures are crucial for organisations of all types and sizes.Here are nine reasons why they provide value.

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Restructures and mergers

When teams or companies merge, blending disparate ways of working, policies facilitate consistency and coordination. Documented guidelines enable smooth integration and reduce friction.

Scaling an operation

As a company grows, relying on tribal knowledge becomes risky. Universal systematic processes  preempt confusion and errors.

Codified procedures allow sustainable scaling. Teams typically move through the stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing. Documenting your best and good practices help teams progress through these steps.

Seeking investment

During major financing events like IPOs or M&A, potential buyers scrutinise your operations. Demonstrating standardised efficiency and accountability builds confidence in the valuation. Documented policies evidence institutional strength.


Clear policies empower independent decision-making, within secure limits. This guidance can foster confidence and responsibility.


Jargon-free procedures mean that people understand information more quickly.


Defined processes ensure regulatory and statutory requirements are met. Disciplined protocols prevent legal exposures.


We know uniform task execution standardises outputs and improves quality control. Consistently written policies and procedures can help too, as staff can predict where to look for the information they need. This is called the scent of information. This predictability can also help with automation and boost reliability.


Tailored guidelines map clearly onto specific roles without unnecessary complexity.


Embedding resilience fortifies the future. For example, having rigorous cybersecurity policies can help safeguard critical assets against emerging threats.


Formal policies and procedures are indispensable for scaling sustainably, realising integration synergies, securing investment, maintaining compliance, and driving optimisation.

As key transitions arise, documented infrastructure becomes mission critical.

Systems enable both responsiveness to change and reliable execution, quarter to quarter. This means leaders should prioritise establishing robust policies, procedures and guidelines to support their current initiatives and future aspirations.

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