Chatbot for planning and estimating policies and procedures

We have created an experimental chatbot that can help you with planning and estimating your policies and procedures. See: Cherryleaf policies and procedures planning chatbot

The chatbot is based on OpenAI’s GPTS technology. A GPTs is a customised version of ChatGPT that combines instructions, extra knowledge, and other skills. This chatbot is configured to help you plan and scope policies and procedures that are complete and up to date. It can advise on topics such as what documents they will need, how long it will take, the skills you’ll need. It can’t advise on pricing, legal matters, or write the documents for you. If you’re looking to bring in outside help, contact our polices and procedures writing team at Cherryleaf.

Should we create other specialist chatbots for other types of documentation, such as online Help? Let us know.

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