How Generative AI can help Technical Writers save time – Extracting specifications

Here is a Use Case of where generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, can help Technical Writers save time in producing user documentation. This is a scenario where you have to extract technical specifications from a collection of PDF documents. For more information, see Cherryleaf’s “Using Generative AI in technical writing” e-elearning course.   Transcript… Read more »

Rewriting a procedure so it’s clearer – A walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of how to improve an existing procedure so it’s easier to understand. We take an old Brigade Order from a Fire and Rescue Service and go through the process of reorganising the content and re-writing the text.  

Importing API reference documentation into a MadCap Flare project

Last year, we blogged about creating an API documentation portal using MadCap Flare (see also: Example of API documentation portal using MadCap Flare). Since then, a number of people have contacted us to ask for more details on ways to do this. We’ve put together a video outlining the different approaches and issues. This approach can work with… Read more »