Importing API reference documentation into a MadCap Flare project

Last year, we blogged about creating an API documentation portal using MadCap Flare (see also: Example of API documentation portal using MadCap Flare). Since then, a number of people have contacted us to ask for more details on ways to do this. We’ve put together a video outlining the different approaches and issues. This approach can work with other Help authoring tools as well.

You can see it below:


Here is screenshot and a link to an example Help file, where the OpenAPI file has been imported into Flare, using the Markdown import. The Markdown file has been imported, but no amendments have been made to the look and feel.

It also includes a second API reference example, where the content is displayed in HTML format.


Screenshot of API documentation in MadCap Flare

Example file of API documentation in MadCap Flare


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Thanks, Ellis, for this very helpful and timely video! Good to see the various scenarios and solutions side by side, so we can make an informed decision about how much effort gives us how much “pretty”. 🙂

Cheers, Kai.

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