How Generative AI can help Technical Writers save time – “The Transcript”

How can generative AI tools like ChatGPT help in the work of the Technical Writer or the Technical Author? How can it help with technical writing?

In this video, we’re going to explain one scenario where it can help. It comes from our training course on Using generative AI in technical writing.

This scenario is what we call “The Transcript”. Imagine you’re a Technical Writer in America, and you’re working for a software company that’s in the space that provides people with the ability to get their credit reports from different providers. Unfortunately, in this situation, the software is not ready. So a developer has recorded a walkthrough of the application as it stands today. All you have to work on is a transcript of an approximately 10 minute long video.

Normally, if you were to convert this type of content into a set of instructions, it would take you about a couple of hours, maybe a morning, to do.

In the video, we see if you can use generative AI tools to reduce that time, so you don’t have to spend so much time copying, pasting, and editing to convert this into a Help page.





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