First Documentation Managers/Leaders mentoring meeting set for 26th May

The first Documentation Managers/Leaders mentoring meeting date has now been set:  for the afternoon of Tuesday 26th May 2009.


The afternoon is dedicated to providing a safe forum where documentation managers can share the issues they face and get their challenging questions answered – not just by an expert but by people who’ve faced similar challenges to your own. It’s a process of learning and developing skills through the medium of shared experience: something from “real-life” and valuable to the recipient.


We’ve had someone step forward  with a problem they’d like to discuss. It relates to managing off-site/overseas authors and dealing with a headcount reduction/headcount cull.


The meeting will be held in Russell Square, London. We’re making a nominal charge to cover charge for teas, coffees and biscuits. Cherryleaf is picking up the tab for the room hire.  The group size is limited to 16 particpants (plus the chairman).

It should be an interesting and useful event!

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Jeremy Hubbard

I am interested in attending this, thank you. Not sure if I can make it, though. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have a clear view. J

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