Podcast 126: Retrospectives for documentation projects

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the value of retrospectives at the end of a documentation project, and how you can run one. Transcript This is the Cherryleaf podcast. Hello and welcome to the Cherryleaf Podcast. We’re going to look at retrospectives in this episode. Although within a documentation project there… Read more »

Podcast 82: Leadership and Communication

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the importance of communication in leadership. We look at how communication needs to adapt to different contexts. Note: This recording was made before the Coronavirus crisis was fully appreciated.

Lessons from using a bullet journal: track as well as set goals

By Ellis I’m experimenting with using a bullet journal this year, and it’s resulting in some useful ideas for managing and planning technical authoring work. Setting and achieving targets at the start of the year can be difficult. You may end up needing to spend time on immediate, more pressing tasks, and your list of targets… Read more »

What is technical communication, actually?

As a technical communicator, sometimes it can be hard to explain to others what it is you do. In the olden days, it was simpler: you could say you wrote manuals. Then, in more recent times, you could say you wrote online Help and manuals. Today, there can be uncertainty of what is and isn’t technical… Read more »