Vacancy #4513 Freelance/Perm Technical Writer North America/Europe

We have been approach by a client who is looking for a Technical Writer. They are developing an innovative globally replicated P2P data store that uses NoSQL style document store databases, Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types, content addressable identifiers, and semantically linked data. The data storage system uses Content Identifiable Data and Merkle Directed Acyclic Graphs, which allows the data coming in and out of the database to be self verifiable, and self-describing.

They want recruit a freelancer, with a view to taking them on full time. The work will involve documenting SDKs (Rust, Go, possibly C++), and APIs. They are interested in people with experience of documenting NGINX and Etherium. You can be WFH in either North America, or possibly Europe. Rate negotiable.

Contact us to discuss.

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