The Economics of Content Strategy

One of the recurring themes at recent conferences on technical communication has been content strategy. You see speakers commenting that writing skills are valued less, and so Technical Communicators should look to become more strategic and managerial. In this context, content strategy is a focus on improving efficiency and productivity of content creation, management and… Read more »

Turning knowledge into wisdom

By guest blogger Malcolm Tullett There are four steps to wisdom: 1. Acquiring data 2. Turning the data into information 3. Using the information to gain knowledge 4. Applying wisdom to the use of that knowledge. The current health and safety legislation and guidance has an abundance of data – and some of it is… Read more »

We’ll be speaking at Mindtouch’s European launch event on 9th Sept

We’ve been invited to present at Mindtouch’s European launch event, which is being held in Central London on Thursday 9th September. Our theme will be the seven key challenges Technical Publications departments face today. The whole event is called “Your Documentation is your Best Storefront. Are You Open for Business?” Over half of your website… Read more »

One key lesson every Compliance department can learn from Dyson vacuum cleaners

Some industry sectors, such as finance, often require strict adherence to specific policies and procedures. Compliance departments have to ensure these are kept up to date and accessible, from both a legal and industry perspective. The problem is that governance can be expensive, really expensive. Unfortunately, the volume of written content continues to explode, and… Read more »

Case Study: User Documentation at Red Gate Software

Our latest interview is between Ellis Pratt of Cherryleaf and Rachel Potts of Red Gate Software, concerning user assistance and documentation at Red Gate Software. We discussed working in an Agile environment, providing a single support centre for all user information and how Web Analytics can help improve user documentation. This is the full interview, and… Read more »