Announcing: Trends in Technical Communication Workshop – Advanced Technical Writing Techniques

You’ll find a new training course on our Web site called Trends in Technical Communication Workshop – Advanced Technical Writing Techniques. If you’ve read the technical writing blogs and magazines, you’ll have noticed a growing interest in new approaches to technical communication – asking whether all of the tried-and-tested writing methods from past decades still make… Read more »

Come and speak at our “Trends in Technical Documentation” talks

Cherryleaf is curating and hosting a programme of talks on trends in technical documentation. At these sessions, there’s a presentation from a respected member of the Technical Communication profession, plus the opportunity to network with your peers. We’re looking for people who would like to present a case study or share their view of the… Read more »

What’s your software Help strategy?

Whether for new business generation, enabling users to get the job done or simply to reduce support costs, Help is a vital tool for software businesses. Yet so few people take a strategic approach to it. Today, all of the resources you need are at your disposal for you to enable users to achieve their… Read more »

Should we run a course on how to write instructions?

We’re thinking about running a training course for people who find they need to write instructions from time to time. It’s not aimed at professional technical authors, but rather managers and specialists in organisations who need to know the essentials of being able to write processes, procedures and tasks clearly and simply. If you be… Read more »