Podcast 136: Generative AI, what do the buzzwords mean?

When people talk about AI, chatbots, and tools like ChatGPT, all the new terminology can make it hard to understand how it all works. In this episode, we’re going to look at the definitions of some of the words that you might hear. Register for our webinar Using AI in techcomm: What you asked, and… Read more »

Podcast 135: Writing procedures needed for regulatory compliance

In this episode, we talk about writing procedures that are needed for regulatory compliance. By this we mean organisations that might be investigated by a regulatory body. We describe the different approaches to creating the content. Transcript Welcome to the Cherryleaf Podcast In this episode I want to talk about writing procedures that are needed… Read more »

Podcast 133: What will ChatGPT mean for technical communication?

It’s been about three months since ChatGPT was launched. And we thought it would be good to look at really the status of what ChatGPT might mean for the future of technical communication. And we did a blog and we did some experiments back in December, as have others, and people have reflected on the… Read more »

Podcast 132: Dealing with a layoff

In Episode 132 of The Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at dealing with being laid off or being made redundant. In January 2023, there were quite a few layoffs in the tech sector. It’s reported that Google has laid off 12,000 people, Microsoft 11,000, Amazon 18,000, Salesforce 8000. And there’s also been layoffs at Meta, Cisco,… Read more »