Podcast 116: What should startups consider when writing their first docs?

If a startup came to you asking for a checklist of actions they should take/consider when it comes to writing their first docs, what would you tell them? We asked that question on Social Media. In this episode, we reveal what people said. Get the ultimate user onboarding content checklist for start-ups

Podcast 115: Creating Learning and Development content with Flare (interview)

Unexpected bonus August podcast episode! We spoke to Jennifer Morse, Vice President of Customer Success at MadCap Software, about the new Learning and Development features that have been included in latest release of MadCap Flare. More information: New Release: MadCap Flare 2021 r2 Bridging the Gap Between Technical Authoring and Learning & Development Webinar recording:… Read more »

Podcast 114: Nine common onboarding mistakes that software companies make

Ellis looks at nine common onboarding mistakes that software companies make: Not thinking about jobs to be done, but features Overloading users with information Writing for a single audience Not providing or not co-ordinating the five pillars of onboarding content Getting the timing wrong Unclear goals Leaving “seams” in the onboarding experience Poor quality content… Read more »

Podcast 112: Nobody ever wants to buy software, with Toby Chapman-Dawe

Ellis talked to Toby Chapman Dawe of Strand UK about why he claims nobody ever wants to buy software. Toby is Managing Director of Strand. Toby specialises in communicating the business benefits of enterprise technology. Formerly a journalist in the UK writing for trade and national press, Toby transferred to the world of advertising in… Read more »