Should you ever lie or bend the truth in user documentation?

An interesting thread on Twitter from Scott Berkun: I'm increasingly fascinated by this idea. Has anyone seen a designer or organization do something like this? — Scott Berkun (@berkun) October 3, 2019 There are Technical Authors who write “start here”, where there could be more than one place to do it. This is for… Read more »

Reputation Management – Can user documentation help quash rumours?

In the ‘Whispers’ episode of BBC Radio Four’s Digital Human programme, Aleks Krotoski explores how rumours spread both online and in the physical world. As an example, she looked at how two people were able to spread a rumour that a tiger was running loose in London during the 2011 riots. Hope untrue!! RT @Twiggy_Garcia: #LondonRiots… Read more »