How on earth could the Apple Watch be used in technical communication?

Whenever Apple launches a new product range, there’s a great deal of buzz and excitement. There’s lots of speculation as to how the technology could be applied by different professions and by consumers. Yesterday’s launch of the Apple Watch was no exception. The title of this post may give away the fact that this post… Read more »

Not so cool tools for Technical Authors – speech recognition software

Our method for creating online courses involves making an audio recording of the presenter, transcribing it, editing the script and then recording the final, video presentation. We’ve tried using speech recognition software to create the transcribed script, and it has been a deeply frustrating experience. While speech recognition is proving successful for searching and issuing… Read more »

Stenography for Technical Authors?

This tweet caught my eye: Some people write at 240 *words* per minute — Kas Thomas (@kasthomas) October 30, 2014 It linked to an article The 100 Year Old Trick to Writing at 240 Words Per Minute: About four years ago, stenographer Mirabai Knight came to the conclusion that stenography had been a walled… Read more »