The secret, other life of a Technical Author – as a singer

The ISTC is introducing a new feature for their InfoPlus+ newsletter called “My other life”. The idea is for technical communicators to write about their hobbies or about things they do in their spare time, which perhaps give them life skills that apply in the workplace.

For two of Cherryleaf’s staff, music and singing play a key part in their other lives. Carol Johnston is a member of Thame Chamber Choir, and Ginny Critcher is a member of Brighton Gospel Choir. They are also both pianists.

Indeed, Ginny is taking part in the Brighton Festival Fringe this month, when her choir performs “Brighton goes Gospel” at Hove Town Hall on Saturday 21st May.

Perhaps there’s a strong connection between music, singing and technical writing?


Larry Kunz

> Perhaps there’s a strong connection between music,
> singing and technical writing?

If there is, I’m in trouble. I couldn’t carry a tune if you handed it to me in a basket, and my voice is such that no one wants to sit near me in church.

But, remembering the jam sessions that used to take place at STC Summits, I know that I’m the exception. There’s a ton of musical talent in our profession. I wish the best to both Carol and Ginny in their pursuits.

Eddie VanArsdall

I actually earned a degree in music education many years ago. I was active in the Washington, DC music scene for several years, performing in clubs as part of a four-part vocal group and and as a singer/songwriter fronting my own band.

The education courses that I had taken to earn my degree led me to developing corporate training materials, and that led me to technical communication. I still do the occasional gig with a local jazz pianist, but I got tired of the nightclubbing life.

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