What would a Technical Author ask from Santa?

Santa Claus - WikipediaSaint Nicholas’s day has passed, which means Christmas is getting close. So what would a Technical Author ask from Santa Claus?

One thing we could request is the ability to embed one Google document inside another. That would mean that Google Docs could support some basic content reuse.

Another would be to request Madcap Flare’s DITA support to be extended, so that you could create edit native DITA files.

We could ask him to provide a standard technology format for providing Help for mobile applications.

We could also ask him for a way to use Siri and Google Voice Search to interact with our user guides.

So what would you ask Santa to bring? Please share your thoughts and ideas below.


Colum McAndrew

I’d like our profession to be recognised fully for what it can offer a business. If I can be greedy and have two presents – well I have been a good boy this past year…..honest – I’d also like all Technical Communicators to tell everyone who will listen exactly what they do and how it affects everyone.


I would ask Santa for more time to read up and investigate and play with new technologies; for better recognition, as Colum has suggested, and lastly for companies to offer better training in Tech Comms, so that managers are more informed of what’s happening in our area and can appreciate the ideas we bring to the table… Oh and mentioning tables, please don’t pinch all the mince pies, Santa!

Richard Brantley

For long I’ve been craving for the feature to embed Google documents inside each other. I think it would be time Santa brings us this long awaited technical present!

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