Now open: “Using Generative AI in technical writing” training course

Stylised image of AI helping a Technical Writer write a Help page. Generated by Dalle-E

Yesterday, we pushed the button and went live with our elearning course on using generative AI in technical writing.

The course covers how technical communicators can use Generative Artificial Intelligence to help them:

  • Be more efficient
  • Create better deliverables for their users

We went through all the key stages in a technical writing project. At each step, we investigated whether AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude could make a Technical Writer’s job easier and better. After a lot of research and testing, we ended up with the content for this course.

The course provides a framework that attendees can use to identify opportunities and best practices for integrating ChatGPT, Claude, LLaMA, and similar tools into their technical authoring processes – creating, managing, and delivering technical content.


Using Generative AI in Technical Writing

There’s a free preview of one of the modules in the course.

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