Microsoft Help v.3 Preview

April Reagan of Microsoft will be talking about Microsoft Help v3 at the WritersUA conference: “Microsoft Help 3 is a new client help system. This help system has been built from the ground up with simplicity, performance and relevance in mind. It was not a straightforward road in getting the project approved, and with a… Read more »

Wikis instead of Help?

Zoho has decided to use its own wiki to provide online Help instead of Help created in RoboHelp. They have posted on their blog the reasons why they have done this, together with the benefits resulting from this change. This is what the help looks like now. We’re not anti wikis and we’re not pro… Read more »

Adobe to launch a new Help browser?

At yesterday’s Ticad conference Adobe’s Mark Wheeler (MD Northern Europe) spent time in his presentation talking about Adobe Air. Mark suggested it could be used as a new Help (or document) viewer technology. Air enables anyone to build a simple desktop application. Used a Help browser, it can integrate content residing on the PC with… Read more »

Which vendor wins the battle of the Help Authoring Tools?

With the recent releases of new Help Authoring Tool versions for RoboHelp, AuthorIT and Flare, plus the release of Quadralay’s ePublisher 9.3, does this affect which Help Authoring Tool you should purchase? What I find interesting is the different ways in which the tool vendors perceive the issue of creating user assistance. If you want… Read more »

Harry Potter and the deathly Help file

Last night, my family and I went to the midnight party of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” at The Lion and the Unicorn book shop in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. This children’s book shop is located in a narrow paved alley, so the queue of 100-odd people dressed up as wizards conjured up an… Read more »