Webinar redux: Using ChatGPT and Gen AI in TechComm

Banner advert for webinar on using generative AI in technical communication

We’re presenting an updated version of our presentation on using Artificial Intelligence in technical communication. The webinar is being organised by Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler, and it starts at 16:00 GMT on the 7th November. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, such as ChatGPT, promises to enhance the efficiency and… Read more »

How using automated AI agents can help Technical Writers save time

Here is the fifth video in our series on how generative AI can help Technical Writers save time: using automated AI agents. Technical writers today face increasing demands to produce more content, faster than ever before. In this short video, we look at automatic AI agents that can work together in chains to complete tasks…. Read more »

The top AI tools for Technical Writers today

If you’re a Technical Writer and you think the only way to use generative AI is by copy and pasting from ChatGPT, think again. We’re seeing help authoring tools integrate generative AI technologies into their applications to help you people as you write. The goal is to make you more efficient and create better content…. Read more »

Podcast 139: Techsmith’s Daniel Foster on the contentious relationship between technical writers and video content

In this podcast episode, we talk to Daniel Foster, Director of Strategy at TechSmith, about the contentious relationship between technical writers and video content. A growing trend among technical writers is the integration of video content alongside traditional documentation and visuals, offering a dynamic and immersive medium to enhance user understanding and engagement. However, writers… Read more »