Assessing the potential savings from single sourcing

One of the main benefits from single sourcing is the ability to reuse existing content. Different departments can avoid duplicating work, which means they can save time and money. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to quantify these savings before you move to an authoring or content management system that enables you to single source. Analysing… Read more »

Planning and running a documentation sprint

Atlassian’s Sarah Maddox has posted her slides from her STC Summit 13 presentation “Doc sprints: The ultimate in collaborative document development”. It’s a useful description of a documentation sprint and its benefits: Contact Cherryleaf if you’d like help and assistance in managing a documentation sprint.

Is “document late” a good idea?

One of the strategies in the Agile methodology is to create documentation as late as possible. Is this actually a good idea? According to Scott Ambler: A common agile practice is to defer the creation of all deliverable documentation as late as possible, creating them just before you need to actually deliver them…Fundamentally, this strategy… Read more »