Joe Welinske and RoboHelp

Joe Welinske’s claim that the RoboHelp authoring tool will fade from common use over the next two years has created quite the furore in the authoring community. It may cause a “Tipping Point” in the documentation community – a rapid move away from the tool, caused by the “word of mouth” actions of influential people.

What will replace it and how quickly will depend on “Connectors”, “Mavens”, and “Salesmen” (see Malcolm Galdwell’s “The Tipping Point”), such as Joe Welinske and, I guess, Cherryleaf. As and when the “Connectors”, “Mavens”, and “Salesmen” settle on a better alternative, we may see a rapid move towards that tool.

The chances of Adobe/Macromedia reprieving RoboHelp are pretty slim, given development team were reportedly laid off.



I think that it will give many tech authoring groups the push they need to go over to an XML based content management system.


Anyone know whether MadCap plan to have a RH for Framemaker shaped product, or are they waiting to see what Aobe/Quadralay come up with?


I doubt MadCap will have a standalone FrameMaker product, give the likely sales growth and product plans for FrameMaker.

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