HTML Help no longer works on a LAN

In our July newsletter, we mentioned that Microsoft had released a new version of HTML Help, in order to address a security issue. Unfortunately, the update has major implications for running HTML Help(.CHM) files across a network.

A .CHM file can now only be viewed if it is located on your local hard disk. The CHM file can’t be viewed if it is on a network drive.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t provide a simple method to allow the Help file to have the security zone rights needed to be accessed on a network . However, a package has been developed by a 3rd party to ease some of the restrictions.

Cherryleaf is happy to assist with consultancy services if you need help to find a way around this issue. For further information please contact Ellis Pratt.

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In this article, you made reference to a package being available to ease some of these restrictions. Do you have any details of this package, or is that only available through consultancy?

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