New technical author vacancies

We’ve posted three new technical author vacancies today – both contract and permanent.

We’ve also added a new self teach training course – RoboHelp X5 training. We’ll be introducing a training course in RoboHelp 6 shortly.



do you mind us asking if you have an ‘open policy’ on agency commission both for the client and the applicant eg 5%, 10% ?


>>>> We appreciate small agencies need to take higher commission but no need to be secretive!!


A number of your listed vacancies are in Europe, i.e., with non-U.K.-based companies. Does that mean that an American candidate could apply and have an equal chance?


In a word – No.

We are moving towards EU nationals having the right to work anywhere in the EU.

In general, candidates from countries that are members of the European Union can work in the UK without any visa restrictions (there are some limitations for a few of the new accession countries).

Other EU countries currently have stricter rules for the most recent EU accession countries eg. Poland, Romania.

There are work visa issues for candidates for candidates who are non-EU nationals, such as Americans and Indian nationals.

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