The debate on the future of technical communication

My Vienna presentation on the future of technical communication and building a career has sparked a debate on a couple of Web sites:

It’s interesting getting feedback on what your audience took away from a presentation! I don’t think I’ve had quite as big a reaction to a presentation before .

As I’ve mentioned previously, for those that missed my presentation in Vienna, I’m presenting it again – in London on Monday 13th July.

It’s a synthesis of the topics and trends we’ve been highlighting in our newsletter, presentations and blogs over the last six years – condensed into three hours.

There’ll be lots of opportunity to discuss it, too.


Milan Davidovic

Technical communication will be fine — it’s not going away. Technical communicators are only needed if the job is too big for the existing personnel to handle. Will future tools and processes put technical communication within their reach? That remains to be seen.

But occupations come and go — that’s progress.


I was a bit late coming to this – I’ve since added a small rant to the blog.


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