Questions to ask a Documentation Manager

We’re starting to conduct a series of interviews with Documentation Managers; our goal is to provide case studies of best practice and innovative ideas.

We’ll be publishing edited versions of these interviews on Cherryleaf’s YouTube channel.


  • What questions do you think should we ask?
  • What would you like to know from Documentation Managers?

Email us your suggestions!

Also, if you’d like to be interviewed, then do email us.



That’s quite an interesting idea with the interviews. I would like to know how others organize their picture/media-pool. Do they use online-services, databases or the plain old folder structure?

Thanks and have a nice weekend.


My question is how does a documentation manager distribute assignments to take advantage of the staff’s different skills and skill levels, provide opportunities for less-skilled staff to improve their skills, and/or allow staff members to branch out into new areas, without engendering jealousy and inter-staff political problems?

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