Cherryleaf Interview with Ed Dawson of Atlassian

Below is an interview between Ellis Pratt of Cherryleaf and Ed Dawson of Atlassian about technical documentation and working in an Agile environment. This is a 20 minute edited version of the 45 minute interview. The full interview will form part of Cherryleaf’s Learning Zone.

Part 2:


Larry Kunz

I’m very interested in the issues associated with managing documentation projects in Agile. In fact, I’m making a presentation about this topic at the upcoming STC Summit.

Ed shares some excellent insights here. Bottom line: The project manager must make adjustments for Agile, but they’re well worth the expenditure in time and effort. Thanks, Ellis, for doing this interview.


Larry – we’ve done another case study interview on working in an Agile environment, which should be published next week (or the week after).

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