We Added a Chatbot to Our Website – Here’s What We Learned

Update 10 November 23: We’ve decided to replace the experimental chatbot for the Cherryleaf website with one that is based on GPTs. See our new website chatbot.


Below is the original post:

We have added an experimental chatbot to our website. You can use it on any page by clicking on the chatbot icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

image of home page showing chatbot icon location in bottom right hand of the screen

We’ve also embedded it at the end of this blog post.

We’ve added the chatbot because, if we’re teaching others how to create chatbots, we really should have one ourselves. Our chatbot won’t be one for a product knowledge base. Instead, it will be to answer common enquiries about our services, with the goal of improving customer service.

The chatbot, named Cherrie, uses artificial intelligence to understand and respond to customer questions in real-time.

we expect the types of questions customers ask will reveal gaps in our website content and show us where we can improve. There might be information we assume is easy to find but apparently isn’t prominent enough on our site.

The chatbot also enables us to deliver quick, convenient assistance around the clock.

While the chatbot is still in an experimental phase, we’re excited by the potential. Combining AI and natural language processing allows us to understand conversations, identify trends, and continuously improve our customer service.

Please feel free to test out the chatbot on our site and let us know your feedback!




I like the chat bot. It was good for digging around to see if you have any courses on AsciiDoc or DocBook. It was quick to respond about Markdown.

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