What to write in a personal reference

Recently, I was asked to provide a personal reference for someone who was a member of my aikido club, as she had applied for a new job (as an IT Project Manager). When writing personal references, I try to relate my experience of the person in the personal setting to the work environment. For example:… Read more »

Teaching technical communication to schoolchildren

We’ve been asked to participate in an event at a school in Westminster promoting writing skills and literacy to their Year 8 (13 yr old) students. The goal is to showcase job roles in different sectors that use written communication skills as a key part of the job. So how do you explain technical writing to… Read more »

What are your transferable skills?

This is post from guest blogger, Peter Wilford. One of the biggest challenges you will face when considering a career change is giving your CV the punch and bite it needs to make an impact in a new industry or sector. You may think that little of what you have done to date will count,… Read more »

Please welcome our latest guest blogger

Our latest guest blogger is Peter Wilford of Gateway Career Management Limited. Peter is a Career Coach and Career Management Specialist. I look for the strengths in any client and help them to build on them and to develop others by offering impartial but focused advice using a range of supportive skills including coaching, counselling… Read more »