Survey results: Why does your organisation have end user documentation?

Here are the results from our short survey into the reasons why organisations have end user documentation: (n=20) What can we learn from these answers – perhaps that there isn’t one single dominant reason why organisations have end user documentation. The results suggest its value in reducing costs and retaining customers is seen as more important than its… Read more »

Survey – How good is your product’s Help?

Do you love, or hate, the Help that comes with your product or service? Or is it just, Meh? Take a few minutes to tell us why, and let’s see if your situation is similar to others. We’ll be sharing our findings on the Cherryleaf blog and Cherryleaf podcast. Any findings we publish will be… Read more »

In five words, sum up your user documentation/user assistance

We posted a question on LinkedIn and Twitter, “In five words, sum up your user documentation/user assistance”. Here are the replies we received: Utpal Bhatt Technically correct, complete, searchable example   Andrew Lastrina Structured, concise, translatable, unrepetitive, transformable   Dr Meghashri Dalvi Get more out of it!   Aruna Panangipally Makes you effective and efficient!… Read more »