Writing skills for Technical Support staff survey

We’re planning a writing skills course for people working in Technical Support departments. If you work in a Technical Support department, you can help us develop this course by completing this survey. There are 12 short questions below (or you can use this alternative link to the survey):

The most common mistakes organisations make with their policies and procedures

Here are the responses we received when we asked, what are the most common mistakes organisations make with their policies and procedures: https://twitter.com/rahelab/status/1011873673299578886 Not having any! — Rhonda Bracey (@RhondaBracey@mastodon.social) (@cybertext) June 26, 2018 Not including any context. I've seen people question policies (and ignore them) because they don't understand the reason/benefit of the policy…. Read more »

Survey results: Why does your organisation have end user documentation?

Here are the results from our short survey into the reasons why organisations have end user documentation: (n=20) What can we learn from these answers – perhaps that there isn’t one single dominant reason why organisations have end user documentation. The results suggest its value in reducing costs and retaining customers is seen as more important than its… Read more »