Delivering training live and online – some lessons learnt

Yesterday, we completed our first live, online training course. Even with a lot of testing before the course, there’s nothing like doing something for real. The good news is the course went well, and we’re happy to deliver further training courses online with the same technology. Having said that, there were a few lessons learnt.

What’s the best way to deliver distance learning for technical communicators?

You’ll find our latest post for the Society for Technical Communication on its Notebook blog. It’s called What’s the Best Way to Deliver Distance Learning for Technical Communicators? One of the most frequent questions we’re asked at Cherryleaf is if we can deliver our advanced technical writing techniques course as a distance learning class. We only offer… Read more »

Popcorn Maker – “freeing Web videos from the little black box”

Mozilla has released Version 1 of Popcorn Maker, a free HTML5 Web application that enables you to create videos that interact with images, text, maps and other media. This means you are able to add live content to a video. For example, if you have a video telling a user how to purchase an item, you could… Read more »

Free email mini course on content strategy

When you sign up for our free mini email course on content strategy, you’ll receive 14 emails, delivered one per day, outlining the key steps for defining your content strategy. Free email course on content strategy