Writing as a career in IT

Here are the slides from our presentation to Year 10 children at The Matthew Arnold School in Staines-upon-Thames on writing as a career in IT. We looked at the different writing postions in companies, such as Apple, and then looked at the role of the Technical Author/Writer. The class had to write an instruction manual… Read more »

New – Affective Assistance and marketing writing services

Cherryleaf’s announced a new service today – Affective Assistance and marketing writing services . With technology becoming part of everyday life, sometimes the traditional approach to writing user documentation just doesn’t meet users’ needs. It can be the case that the formal and succinct approach to writing User Assistance isn’t right for users of your product… Read more »

What makes a good writing test for a Technical Author?

We’re currently working on developing some new tests to assist clients who need to assess the writing skills of candidate Technical Authors. Writing test papers is a challenging task – it goes against the grain to make mistakes deliberately! English is a language where sentences can be written in many different ways. Today, many people… Read more »