User Assistance for the future: simple steps you can take today

We’ve decided our presentation at the UA Conference Europe 2008 will be on “User Assistance for the future: Simple steps you can take today”.

We’ll be looking at developments which may (a) fundamentally change the expectations of users towards User Assistance and (b) change what/how technical authors deliver.

We’ll be speaking on the first day of the conference, at around 12.30. It’s a short presentation, which is great, as this means we have to focus on the core message we wish to convey.

We’ll be drawing on developments and ideas outside of the technical communication sector, and how these could affect the work that we do. We’ll be looking at some research we’ve carried out. We’ll also be looking at simple steps technical authors can take today. Like most of our presentations these days, it will be a very visual presentation with as few bullet points as possible.

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