Cherryleaf Technical Author survey 2011 – in pictures

Last month, we conducted an online survey that 226 Technical Authors completed. 31 respondents were freelance contractors, whom we’ve excluded from our analysis.

Here are some graphs illustrating some of the significant figures from the survey. Click on each image to view a larger version.

What impact does user documentation have on your business’ performance?

Most Technical Authors believe User Assistance does have an important impact on their organisation’s performance.

Do your competitors have better, worse or the same quality user documentation than you?

Most Technical Authors do not know how good their User Assistance is in comparison to their competitors.

To which media is it published?

21% publish their content as HTML pages that are findable by Google.

What is the purpose of the user documentation?

How high/low is the status of the User Documentation team in the organisation?

What do users think of your user documentation?

Technical Authors believe their users like what they provide (although we found very few measure this).

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