Can you imagine a world without WinHelp?

The Microsoft Assistance Platform team is asking for people’s thoughts on this: What if WinHelp didn’t exist in the next version of Windows – codename Longhorn? You can comment on their blog here.

Quadralay Launches WebWorks ePublisher Pro

“WebWorks ePublisher Pro opens new doors by providing greater flexibility and ease of use for Help authors, technical writers, documentation professionals, and other content providers wanting to produce content for common online formats directly from Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker files. In addition, the new software features simple WYSIWYG controls and push-button processing that give… Read more »

Letting users create their own paths to information

Tags and tag navigation could offer a new and better way of finding and organising information on Web sites, Help files, procedure documents and Intranets., flickr, technorati are examples of sites that use tags. These sites allow more than one person to tag a particular entry, and create multiple navigation routes, although it is… Read more »

Our newsletter

We sent out our latest HTML newsletter this week, unfortunately with three typos. It’s another why I (Ellis) don’t do any chargeable client work and stick to sales and marketing.

The future of jobs?

Ginny Critcher and Justin Darley had a meeting with Ian Kemble of Portsmouth University this week, to discuss their new MA in Technical Communication and areas where we might help them. One of the topics that came up was whether or not they should include technology related topics. On the one hand, you can argue… Read more »