Microsoft Delivers Document Updates using RSS

The Microsoft Help and Support site is now providing an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) for its Knowledge Base articles. Is anyone else using RSS for its delivery of user assistance information?

Letting Users Create their own Paths to Information

Tags and tag navigation could offer a new and better way of finding and organising user assistance information. Tags allow the users to create the navigation route or routes to information. Sites such as, flickr, technorati allow readers to tag as they see fit. We think it could work well. What do you think?

Microsoft eHow-tos

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team has released a set of online user assistance topics that they have called “eHow-tos “. These are multimedia versions of “How To” topics, and we suspect they are likely to add “eWalkthroughs” too. Is this a useful innovation?

What’s your Skype Presence?

In two years, Skype has reached 44 million users and have 3 million concurrent users online each day. 2% of all broadband users currently worldwide on the Internet are on Skype at any one time, and more than 5% of international voice traffic is going over Skype. So what is Skype? At its base level,… Read more »

Ironically, for technical communications professionals, it’s quite hard to describe the role in a meaningful way. One of our condidates came up with a nice way to describe her job. She redefined her job as “making sure that everyone has the information that they need“. This allows people to think about more than documentation, such… Read more »