Guidelines – Technical Communication

The EU sponsored TecDoc-Net project has published guidelines on Technical Communication, the state of the profession and future challenges. It lists a “Potential for jobs in the field of Technical Communication” for each European country. The guidelines could also be used to develop job descriptions and study programmes. It claims there is potential for 38,000… Read more »

Blogs as a business tool

Weblogs now seem to be finding commercial applications as marketing tools, and the business press is starting to pay attention to it – it is claimed to be the new market research, the new branding and the new R&D rolled into one. There’s a debate raging as to whether blogging should be done by journalists,… Read more »

Legislation – Your right to be informed

As from 6th April 2005, employees in organisations with 150 or more staff will have a right to be informed and consulted on a regular basis about issues in their workplace. Organisations with 100 or more employees will come within the scope of the legislation in April 2007 and ones with 50 or more in… Read more »

Joe Welinske and RoboHelp

Joe Welinske’s claim that the RoboHelp authoring tool will fade from common use over the next two years has created quite the furore in the authoring community. It may cause a “Tipping Point” in the documentation community – a rapid move away from the tool, caused by the “word of mouth” actions of influential people…. Read more »