Looking for diabolical documents

We’re in search of some examples of diabolical documentation. We’re looking for examples of poor user instructions, such as On the bottom of Tesco’s Tiramisu – “Do not turn upside down” On baby’s milk formula – “If the baby finds the milk too lumpy, boil it” It can be from products, software or corproate policies…. Read more »

“Act like a consultant”

Many of the sales experts say “Act like a consultant” – Diagnose, prescribe etc. We’ve always thought that was a great approach, but found it difficult to apply in practice. This is because we deal primarily in a specialist area (user documentation and online Help), and it’s not something that people think about very often…. Read more »

How to write a Help file

How to write a Help file – what advice you you give to someone who was looking to write a Help file for the first time?

New contract opportunity

We have posted a new vacancy for a contract technical author onto our Web site today. It’s with a great organisation.