Words of 2009

Here is a very unscientific list of words we’ve spotted coming into favour within the popular media during the past 12 months: Adjectives and adverbs Hefty Uber Trending Nouns A disconnect An ecosystem The Millennials (or the millennial generation) The Outliers Augmented Reality Verbs Hat tip (seen as “H/T”  or “HT” in messages on Twitter and… Read more »

What should you include in your user documentation?

Technical authors are faced with limited time and resources, so they often are faced with the dilemma as to what to include and what to leave out of their user documentation. You may ask, if 80% read only 20% of the content, is there any value in documenting the rest? Technical Authors are often great… Read more »

Special Report – So you want to become a technical author?

We’ve just added a special report to our Web site called “So you want to become a technical author?” We get quite a few calls from people who would like to become atechnical author, so we decided to compile a report that should give them the information they need.

BusinessWise – words of wisdom for small businesses with big ambitions

We’re a contributor to BusinessWise- Words of Wisdom for Small Businesses with Big Ambitions. The book will appear on Amazon in a few days, and will ship from 23rd April onwards. This book has been developed in conjunction with Mindy Gibbins-Klein, whose has a self paced, home study writing course on DVD for people who… Read more »

New – DVD on writing a book

Weve added the first DVD to our online shop – a home study writing course, call WriteNow! This workshop is presented by Mindy Gibbins-Klein, the “Book Midwife”. Mindy is an expert in helping people publish the book inside them. Cherryleaf has worked with her on “BusinessWise”, a book which will be released in March 2007…. Read more »