Free guide for Project Managers on planning documentation projects

The Projects team at Cherryleaf has just finalised a free guide for Project Managers on planning documentation projects. This will be sent out as series of emails over a number of days. Use the form below if you’d like to receive this guide: Name Company Country Email

UK Technical Authors reveal 5 business benefits of Web-based Help

Having your online Help published on the Web could do wonders to your business. Here are five business benefits: 1. Marketing SEO benefits The search engines love the type of information-rich content that online Help contains (more information), because the content is valuable and other Web sites link to it. The result is these pages… Read more »

Support call cost reduction calculator

We’ve added a simple online calculator to the Cherryleaf Web site for calculating the potential savings in support costs derived from having online Help. See our Support call cost reduction calculator page. We’re also developing a more comprehensive spreadsheet to help you measure the value of documentation. Contact us if you would like a copy.

Managing people in documentation projects

Below are highlights from a video interview we carried out with Stephen Harvard Davis of Assimilating Talent on the subject of managing people in documentation projects. We discussed managing international teams, amongst other things. Part 1: Part 2: