UK Technical Authors reveal 5 business benefits of Web-based Help

Having your online Help published on the Web could do wonders to your business. Here are five business benefits:

1. Marketing SEO benefits

The search engines love the type of information-rich content that online Help contains (more information), because the content is valuable and other Web sites link to it. The result is these pages appear high in search engine rankings ( See Using Web Analytics in Technical Documentation: interview with an expert).

This improvement could also lead to an increase in leads from your Web site.

2. Reduce stress on your Support line

Many users begin by looking for answers on the Web before they call the support line ( see “Digital Natives” and the end of traditional hotline support and our support call cost reduction calculator). If they find the answer on the Web, then they won’t need to call the Support line.

3. Better customer service

There’s a new generation growing up who are shying away from telephone-based support in favour of text-based support (more information). By delivering assistance in the way they prefer, your providing better customer service.

4. Greater brand loyalty

You can allow your user community to add to the content. They not only improve it, but they also get a greater sense of belonging to your brand (more information).

5. Improved product development

  • You can get a better understanding of where users struggle with your product.
  • Web Analytics can tell you how many thousands of people are reading the Help and what they are searching for.

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