Gamification of User Assistance – “RPG Maker for teens”

The latest addition to our bookshelf is RPG Maker for teens, which was released in the UK last week. “RPG Maker for teens shows teens and other beginners how to make fun, fantasy role-playing games that they can play and distribute on their computers using the easy-to-learn RPG Maker VX 1.20 program. RPG Maker requires… Read more »

Help us design our new strategy workshop for leaders of documentation projects

We’d love your input in developing the course outline for our new workshop for documentation managers and leaders of documentation projects who want to do more than just provide a traditional user manual/Help file. We’ve developed a course outline, but we’d like to know your opinion regarding what topics you think a workshop like this should… Read more »

What’s your software Help strategy?

Whether for new business generation, enabling users to get the job done or simply to reduce support costs, Help is a vital tool for software businesses. Yet so few people take a strategic approach to it. Today, all of the resources you need are at your disposal for you to enable users to achieve their… Read more »

“How to write instructions” – our second Kindle ebook experiment.

We’ve just published our second ebook, called “How to write instructions“. It’s currently priced at just £2.83. This short, concise guide explains how to write instructions, policies and procedures. Written by members of the projects team at technical writing services specialists Cherryleaf Ltd, this book is for anyone who needs assistance in writing instructions for… Read more »

Our Kindle publishing experiment

We’re carrying out an experiment in publishing guides as Kindle ebooks. We’ve updated and uploaded our “Network to get Work” guide, which has been published today on Amazon UK and for £2.12 and $3.45 respectively. There were two primary reasons for doing this. Firstly, we wanted to test how easy it is to publish to… Read more »