I find it interesting that certain words and phrases come popular. I’ve noticed some recently – The elephant in the corner, Tinternet, Bubble 2.0, blook.

Our happy place

We’ve received a nice testimonial from one of our clients today: “Our Web site was confusing, not easy to find and didn’t define what we offered. What Cherryleaf did was improve the ease of search, define our services and clearly improve the format and layout, using plain English to allow our potential clients understand what… Read more »

Is this a golden age for technical authors?

Is this a golden age for permanent technical authors and technical writers? It may well be, even if it doesn’t feel it today. We are probably at the point in the UK where the jobs market is *just* to the advantage of job-seekers, though salary rates have not been affected. Most likely, we’re also at… Read more »

Flare, Training and new technologies

We aim to reflect the trends in new technologies and tools in the training courses that we offer. We recently introduced a training course on DITA Darwin Information Typing Architecture, and today we’ve announced a training course for Madcap Software’s Flare. Flare is a new Help authoring tool from the former developers of RoboHelp. We’ll… Read more »