London’s “boris bikes” lack a certain something

I decided to try out London’s Barclays Cycle Hire, known colloqually as “Boris bikes”, yesterday. There are 6,000 bicycles distributed across central London that you can hire on an ad-hoc basis. While the scheme is a great concept, for the casual user it lacks something – information on using the bikes! Where user information is… Read more »

Turning a Technical Author’s work on its head

Q. What’s the most popular wiki in the world? A. Most people know the answer to this: It’s Wikipedia. Q. What’s the second most popular wiki in the world? A. It may surprise you to know that it’s WoWWiki, a wiki comprising over 250,000 articles and information. It may also surprise you to know it’s… Read more »

What price Technical Authors?

Kevin Kelly has predicted on his blog that ebooks will drop in price to 99 cents: I am having trouble convincing myself why digital books will not cost 99 cents within 5 years. All books, on average. Just as the price of music does not in general change on the length or quality.Here’s a reason… Read more »

Review of “WIKI: Grow your own for fun and profit”

XML Press kindly sent me a reviewer’s copy of Alan J. Porter’s book “WIKI: Grow your own for fun and profit”. I interviewed Alan earlier in the year (which you can see on the Cherryleaf YouTube Channel), so it was good to see the book that he was mentioning in the interview. It’s important not… Read more »

What does a Help Authoring Tool give you over Drupal?

Comparing Help Authoring Tools (HATs) with Drupal is like comparing apples with oranges. HATs are used by Technical Authors to create content in various formats for end users to read. Drupal is open-source software that is used to create websites for users such that they can contribute to the content (for example: blogs, personal or corporate… Read more »